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     Sports (15)  Sporting Events for the Next 2 Weeks
Tue, Feb 20: Varsity Softball, Lamar, Away, 6:00
Fri, Feb 23: Varsity Baseball, S. Columbus, Away, 6:00
Fri, Feb 23: Varsity Softball, Pre-Season Tourney, Home, TBA
Sat, Feb 24: Varsity Baseball, Dillon, Dillon, 10:00
Sat, Feb 24: Varsity Baseball, Marion, Dillon, 12:30
Sat, Feb 24: Varsity Softball, Pre-Season Tourney, Home, TBA
Mon, Feb 26: Varsity Softball, East Clarendon, Away, 6:00
Mon, Feb 26: Varsity Baseball, Semi-Finals, TBA, TBA
Tue, Feb 27: Varsity Baseball, Finals, TBA, TBA
Thu, Mar 01: Varsity Softball, West Florence, Away, 5:30
Mon, Mar 05: JV Softball, Darlington (DH), Home, 5:00
Mon, Mar 05: JV Baseball, E. Clarendon, Home, 6:00
Tue, Mar 06: JV Softball, Hannah Pamplico, Home, 5:45
Tue, Mar 06: Varsity Baseball, Mullins, Away, 6:00
Tue, Mar 06: Varsity Softball, Mullins, Away, 6:00

ACT/SAT Word to Know

presumptuous (adj.) Assuming too much.

"On Golden Pond" FREE at the EPAC

On Golden Pond Ad The Montana Repertory Theater will perform "On Golden Pond" by Ernest Thompson at the EPAC on Saturday, February 24th at 7:00 p.m. They are on tour across the nation and The Ellis Performing Arts Center is proud to be one of their selected venues. Admission is free, thanks to a generous sponsorship by CareSouth Carolina.


On Golden Pond is an American treasure. Many of us are familiar with the story through the Academy Award-winning film with Henry and Jane Fonda and Katharine Hepburn. Others have attended one of the literally thousands of productions this extraordinary play has received over the years. Something deep and profound resonates through the events that unfold in this American masterpiece brilliantly penned by Ernest Thompson.

Beguilingly simple, this tale of a single family and how they pull apart and then find each other has been touching audiences for decades and generations. We at Montana Rep feel it is time to reintroduce this quintessentially American play to our audiences.

This play has endured because it deals with a family in crisis in a humane, poetic, and often very funny way. It continues to resonate because we all have mothers and fathers, we all cope with aging, and we have all experienced being lost -- and hopefully found. It is this dynamic, this finding of family and the love therein, that keeps On Golden Pond forever relevant.


(What) A Life On Golden Pond

Occasionally someone will ask, did I know when I wrote this play that I'd be creating a classic that would still resonate for audiences decades later? Of course, I always say. There was a heavenly light over my desk and I could hear distant laughter and rousing applause. In fact, I knew nothing, an excellent state for any writer trying to conjure the simplest of stories, honest and uncomplicated.

If you've never spent time on Golden Pond before, welcome. If you're back for another visit, I know the feeling; I never seem to stray too far, prepping a sequel to the movie and another Broadway revival.

On Golden Pond has been seen all over the world, in 30 languages, but I'm happy that this production is playing in your town. And I hope you enjoy your time on the lake.

2017-18 Teachers of the Year

2017-18 TOY WINNERS Congratulations to our fabulous teachers who were selected as Teachers of the Year!

Erika Roberts (left) was selected as Teacher of the Year for Dillon School District Three for 2017-18. She was also the Teacher of the Year for Latta High School. Deidra Jones (standing) is the Latta Elementary School Teacher of the Year, and April Harrison (right) is the Latta Middle School Teacher of the Year.

SchoolWay App

SchoolWay Image

Latta Schools is now offering a free mobile communications app for parents and students to use on their phones and tablets. The product is called SchoolWay, and you can download the apps by going to our Parent Resource or Student Resource pages from the main menu above.