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  Lunch   Today's Lunch
Mozzarella Sticks
Golden Corn
Marinara Sauce
Grape Tomatoes
Red Apples
Juice (HS)

     Sports (10)  Sporting Events for the Next 2 Weeks
Thu, Aug 18: JV Football, Manning (Jamboree), at Manning HS, 6:00
Fri, Aug 19: Varsity Football, Mullins, at Mullins HS, 7:30
Tue, Aug 23: JV Volleyball, Dillon, at Dillon HS, 4:30
Tue, Aug 23: Varsity Volleyball, Dillon, at Dillon HS, 6:00
Thu, Aug 25: JV Football, BYE WEEK, ,
Thu, Aug 25: JV Volleyball, Dillon, at Latta HS, 4:30
Thu, Aug 25: Cross Country, TBD, at Latta HS, 5:30
Thu, Aug 25: Varsity Volleyball, Dillon, at Latta HS, 6:00
Fri, Aug 26: Varsity Football, East Clarendon, at East Clarendon HS, 7:30
Sat, Aug 27: Cross Country, TBD, at Camden HS, 8:00AM

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2022-23 Latta Schools Student Handbooks

A PDF copy of the 2022-23 Student Handbook for each of our three schools can be downloaded or viewed at the link below:

2022-23 LES Student Handbook (PDF)

2022-23 LMS Student Handbook (PDF)

2022-23 LHS Student Handbook (PDF)


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